Quickie: Mikkeller Nelson Sauvin Single Hop IPA

Having picked this little beauty up at Slow Beer a couple of months ago I’ve been eyeing it off in my beer pantry ever since. What better occasion to crack it open than my birthday?!

Pours a thick, foamy head, showing a lot of carbonation and a deep, dark, cloudy orange hue. The nose is very malty (it is Mikkeller after all) but there isn’t much more after that. Given the style and the hop focus I thought there would be a greater presence of hoppy goodness, but if anything it is very mild.

On tasting, carbonation is nowhere as high as it appeared when pouring, which lends itself quite well to the rich, thick mouthfeel Mikkeller have down-pat. Over the toffee base is a strong hop bitterness with notes of lemon and pine, though it is that well-balanced that nothing really springs out too strongly.

Holds the 6.9% abv very well and remains oh-so-sessionable. Pity I only have the one. I’ll have to try the rest of the series now.

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2 thoughts on “Quickie: Mikkeller Nelson Sauvin Single Hop IPA

  1. Aaron says:

    I have to think this is a fairly old example. These came into the country some time ago. I think you would get more of the hops if it was fresh. If you can find it hunt down the Mikkeller Nelson Sauvignon. Same hops but a 100% brett fermentation. A truly amazing beer.

    • The Salving Font says:

      I did try the Nelson Sauvignon at Biero a couple of months back, and did enjoy it.
      I hear the hop series won’t be done again? Pity, as it would be good to try these fresh.

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